IFRA-Nigeria Project

Naija Project

Project leaders: Bernard Caron & Francis Egbokhare (University of Ibadan)

Duration: 2009-2013

Nigeria Pidgin (NP) is spoken by more than 50 million speakers all over Nigeria, in a variety of forms that go from the vehicular “broken English” to the more elaborate and complex varieties developed by stand-up comedians, song writers, journalists and students. The broad intelligibility that exists between the Pidgins spoken in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Sierra Leone give it a strong potential as a language for commerce and regional integration and could be useful in the present context of globalisation. Despite this powerful social and political potential NP suffers from a lack of recognition that hinders its development as a potential linguistic integrator for the Nigerian nation.

This project co-led by B. Caron and Prof. Egbokhare of the University of Ibadan, aims at publishing a dictionary, a grammar and a teaching method. It will lead to the establishment of a computerized corpus made available online in the form of audio files transcribed and glossed, according to the methodology established by the CORPAFROAS project financed by the ANR.

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