Members of LLACAN

Researchers Teacher-Researchers
Engineers, Technicians and Administrative Personnel Post-doctoral Fellows
Current PhD students

A list of former PhD students and their PhD topics can be found here.

Recent graduates
Visiting scholars
Retired members of our research unit
  • Emilio BONVINI (founding member)
  • Raymond BOYD (founding member)
  • France CLOAREC-HEISS (founding member)
  • Alain DELPLANQUE (founding member)
  • Jean DERIVE (founding member)
  • Marcel DIKI-KIDIRI (founding member)
  • Gérard DUMESTRE (founding member)
  • Veronika GÖRÖG-KARADY (founding member)
  • Michel LAFON
  • Yves MOÑINO (founding member)
  • Pierre NOUGAYROL (founding member)
  • Michka SACHNINE (founding member)
  • Christiane SEYDOU (founding member)