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Hypotheses on the Development of the Akan Language Group
Abakah Emmanuel Nicholas

The Place of Ika, Ikwere, and Izii-Ezaa-Ikwo-Mgbo Dialects of Igbo in the reconstruction of Proto-Igbo: Data from the IADP Corpus
Achebe Ike & Eme Cecilia Amaoge

Re-classification of Abesabesi (Akpes) as Edoid
Agoyi Taiwo Opeyemi

S/TAM/P morphs (portmanteau subject/TAM/polarity morphs) in Niger-Congo languages
Anderson Gregory

Towards a comparative description of the Adamawa languages of Mumuye-Yendang and Leko-Nimbari groups: A preliminary analysis of the field data
Anikina Tatiana & Lyakhovich Anastasia & Zheltov Alexander

Jukunoid negation particles: special emphasis on Yukuben
Anyanwu Rose-Juliet

A Comparative Phonology of the Olùkùmi, Igala, Owe and Yoruba Languages
Arokoyo Bolanle Elizabeth

Niger-Congo Person Markers: Testing the Kinship with Morphology
Babaev Kirill

Reconstructing personal pronouns in Gur
Babaev Kirill

Kikongo dialect continuum: internal and external classification
Bostoen Koen

Les langues du groupe Boua (Adamawa-13 de J.H. Greenberg)
Boyeldieu Pascal

Le Gbe comme un groupe de langues mixtes? son apport à la reconstruction du Proto Kwa et du Proto Benoué-Congo
Capochichi Sandro

Proto-Senufo noun phrase syntax and noun morphology
Carlson Robert

Synthesis before the Proto-Niger-Congo inflectional verb: Evidence from the peripheral South Atlantic languages
Childs G. Tucker

Ijoid in Niger-Congo: A review of the evidence
Connell Bruce

Pronoun systems as evidence for language history: Personal pronouns in Mambiloid
Connell Bruce

Towards a phonology of Proto-Kwa: onwards from Stewart’s “Potou-Akanic-Bantu
Dakubu Mary Esther

Trees, waves, and magnets? The role of language ideologies in Benue-Congo diversification
Di Carlo Pierpaolo & Good Jef

Comparative Akedoid and West Benue-Congo
Elugbe Benjamin

Dogon classification
Heath Jefferey & Prokhorov Kirill

Proto-Bantu : Before and After
Hombert Jean-Marie & Grollemund Rebecca

Reconstructing Proto-Bantoid Morphology: An appraisal
Hyman Larry

Metric foot in Mande languages
Khachaturyan Maria

Sama-Duru, a core group of Central Adamawa: An appraisal of its lexicon and noun class system
Kleinewillinghöfer Ulrich

Overview of noun classes in Gur (II) (revised and enlarged version)
Kleinewillinghöfer Ulrich & Miehe Gudrun & Von Rocador Manfred & Winkelmann Kerstin

On the nature of Final and Initial Vowels in Niger-Congo languages.
Monich Irina

Is Ubangian Branch a family among Niger-Congo languages?
Moñino Yves

Tonologies des langues bantoues congolaises et problemes de filiation genealogique
Montigea Mangulu André

Towards a Syntactic Reconstruction of Proto-Mande
Nikitina Tatiana

Aspect and tense in Niger-Congo
Nurse Derek

Reconstructing the Igbo Cluster
Ohiri-Aniche Chinyere

Is Ubangi a part of Niger-Congo? The case of Prothesis in Banda
Olson Kenneth S.

The Arigidi Cluster: an Internal Re-classification
Oshodi Boluwaji

L’étude comparative de six langues « sere-ngbaka-mba » dans une perspective de reconstruction d’une protolangue et de proposition d’inférences de contacts historiques
Paulin Pascale

On the position of South Atlantic languages
Pozdniakov Konstantin

Consonant inventories and consonant systems in Eastern Bantu languages: complexity patterns, universals and diachrony
Philippson Gérard

Heibanian and Talodian (Kordofanian) : a comparative approach
Quint Nicolas

Why Ukaan is hard to classify?
Salffner Sophie & Sands Bonny

From proto-Joola to proto-Bak: steps towards proto-(Northern-) Atlantic
Segerer Guillaume

Lexicostatistics in Africa and its role in the reconstruction of Proto-Niger-Congo.
Starostin George

Towards Proto-Mande
Vydrin Valentin

Towards the reconstruction of tense and aspect in early Bantoid.
Watters John

Kru Revisited, Kru Revealed
Zogbo Lynell Marchese